You're Invited to an Art Event at Sotheby's in Madison Park, Seattle

Luxury is an experience, not a price point.

I love that tag-line from Realogics Sotheby's in Seattle. It applies to art as much as it applies to the beautiful homes they find for their clients. On the 22nd we are kicking off a month-long art exhibit in the Park House on 4031 E Madison Street, Seattle. There will be great wine and eats. I will be showing several pieces including the new Avendasora, pictured below, and Nude 1. 

I will be available throughout the month-long exhibit to meet at the Park House and talk about the art. As always, feel free to schedule with me via email or phone 808.321.8643

Join us at The Park House, located at 4031 E Madison Street, on February 22nd from 4-8PM for an art pop-up featuring fine art by Jason Matias! We will be serving small bites and libations and will have a special opportunity to hear Jason speak about his art from 5:30-6PM. 


Eatings and Greetings - Turkey Day 2017

I have actually been practicing

being thankful. Admittedly, I'm bad at it. Bad at remembering to practice. Poor, even, at recognizing the gifts I have in plentitude. 

I am thankful for... A) that you have opened this email- you're part of a slim 20% that do. & B) That, for a change, I won't be eating spaghetti at home and watching a movie this year. Though, it's been a 'thing' long enough to be considered a tradition by now. 

While I won't be doing any sort of holiday sales this year I do have some things to look forward to for you. 

AVENDASORA - I am in love with this new piece and I will be releasing it in email and social media on the 1st of December. Some of you may have seen previews of her already. She has me in a trance and is certainly this year's masterpiece. 

DECEMBER 4TH, an inauspicious Monday, is about the cut off for ordering a piece for Christmas. After that, I'm not 100% positive that I will be able to get it to you by the big day, especially if you want it framed. 

Buying Art Is a Conversation

It's a conversation between you and the art; between you and your significant other; between you and me. Let's have that chat! Feel free to
A) email me-
B) call or text me- 808-321-8643
C) let me take you out for a drink of a coffee
D) find me on Social Media Fb Instagram
       • btw, if I've disappeared from your insta channel it's because I went ahead and grew up and changed my handle from @fotofighter to @realjasonmatias Check out the grid from my insta feed below.

Some new bits on the website:

 The Scarlet Tree.  The red just makes my heart sing. You'll find it in the Landscapes Album on or by clicking  here .

The Scarlet Tree. 
The red just makes my heart sing. You'll find it in the Landscapes Album on or by clicking here.

Brand new SQUARES. These are 12x12, open edition accent pieces that you can mix and arrange any way your heart desires. There are almost 60 of them now. They are organized by Landscape, Clouds, Water, Black and White, and Abstract. You can buy them directly from the SQUARES page. 

A Sun Story

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