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Due to the limited nature of the artworks, they cannot be purchased directly online. Please use the blue ‘request a quote’ button or the live chat button at the bottom of the page.

Transforming your home with art that you love is easy.

  1. Discover a piece of art that you love

  2. Request a Quote via the contact form on any of the micro-sites.

    Want to see it in your home first? Ask me about renders and/or Augmented Reality on your phone.

  3. Once we know the size and frame (if any) then I will invoice you via Square and prepare the art to be sent to you.

  4. The artwork will arrive in about 3-4 weeks.

How big is big? It’s hard to imagine how big a 5’ piece of art is when you think of it as a 5’ piece of art. However, a 60” piece of art is only slightly larger than most TVs. 72” is about the size of a two cushion couch or a queen headboard. Art can seem big, but so are walls, you just don’t notice how big until you hang something small on them.

Frame or no frame? First rule about frames: the frame should match the artwork, not match your home. You can decorate your art to match your decor, if you like, but to get the most of the any artwork, the frame should compliment the art first. Trust me, it will look amazing.

Does your artwork need a frame, though? A frame helps to keep your eye inside the artwork. Some artworks have many leading lines that stretch to the edges of the artwork. Artworks like these should have frames to contain the viewer. Other works don’t need a frame, per say. Hanging a piece with out a frame provides a very modern look. You can read more about frames here.

When people view my images in person, they often remark on how they feel as if they can reach into the image or that they feel as if, with one more step, they could enter an entirely new world. The prints have that feeling because I use a premium photographic paper in my printing process. This photographic paper is the premium printing surface of the world.  All of my prints are printed with laser accuracy; the result is extremely fine detail, superior blacks, vivid color, and archival permanence. My prints are premium quality gallery prints that will last for generations. 

Sizing: depending on the piece, my work is available from 30″ through 80″ and beyond.




Collecting Art With Art Money

ArtMoney allows you to collect my work at 10% of the total cost of the artwork. Pay 10% down, followed by nine consecutive monthly payments, interest free and without fees. You can apply for Art Money at or see examples of how this might work here.

I choose each of my frames by hand matching them to the photograph’s tone and personality. I also keep a curated selection of frames to match your aesthetic needs.  Ask me or one of my consultants about various types of framing. 

All prints are limited edition master prints.  I spend countless hours on every detail of the work.  You can feel the grain of the wood or the silky, calm or the water in each of the prints.  Each edition is comprised of 50 or less highly collectible prints.

My Limited Edition prints are wonderful investments. The price of each print increases as the edition sells out.  After the 50th print, no further prints will be made.


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Visiting The Gallery

My loft in Bellevue doubles as a showroom for my work. With over 60’ of wall space for displaying my work it is quite unique. Since this space doubles as my home I ask that you make an appointment so that I may have the space ready for company. Same day appointments available.

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