Sekumpul Waterfall, Island of Gods, Bali

Black and white photograph from Gili Air, Bali, Indonesia. A Hammock hangs above the ocean shore on a cloudy day. Two boats float in the background.

a note from the artist

I was the first person to arrive at Sekumpul this morning. That was no accident as I spent the entire night driving to get there. Luck was a factor, though, and I appreciate it being on my side that morning.

I explored many compositions that morning, even standing below the falls themselves. The tree called to me, at several times during the morning the sun broke through the clouds and flooded across the scene from left to right, catching the tree in it’s beam. It was beautiful to see and impossible to capture.

The tree standing in solidarity provided an opportunity to explore the ‘comfortable isolation’ theme I search for when I photograph. I love this idea of being alone in a great space. Just like being alone in your head, only, I wish I owned my own space as well as the tree owns its space. As I waited for this soft light to resettle in the area I considered how this tree might have been growing the way it had in order to reach that moment of light as it happened each morning.

Recent science allows for some sentience in the forest. Sentience allows for goal setting. I wonder what a tree might do after achieving a goal. What’s next for the tree? What’s next for me?




"Room For One And Their Dreams" is a limited edition of 5 only

Standard: 33"x48" (0.9m) $5,000
Large: 41"x60" (1.4m) $7,000
Grand: 50"x72" (1.8m) $9,000

Commissions available 

About the prints: I print on a premium substrate that is unparalleled in depth and luminosity. The material refracts light in such a way that light travels laterally through the paper as well as reflects to the audience creating a brilliant effect that many mistake to be rear illumination. Each print is then face mounted to acrylic and sandwiched to a protective backing. The artwork is then framed or a recessed mount is added to the back to float on the wall. I offer many framing options on this website or you can collect the artwork and have it framed at your preferred framer. I recommend Room for One to be framed in a narrow black or brown frame with three to five inches of white space. More arrangements are available. Liners are available in Black, White, Beige. See FRAMES in the menu above for more frames and liner options.


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