LIFE | Hawaii

Life is a fine art photograph of a leaf with glorious detail and intricacy. Translucent lines contrast deep red veins on a green surface as the light of the sun illuminates the leaf. Green, Red, Yellow are dominate in this photograph. The ever smaller and more intricate lines and textures draw the viewer in.

a note from the artist

I often sit and marvel at how detailed life is. The closer you look the more detail you find that is too small or too fine to see clearly. I'm sure people have thought me odd when they caught me staring at something innocuous or mundane. I captured Life on the the north shore of Oahu. I simply picked up this leaf and held it at arms length before the sun and marveled. 

Edition of 50

About the prints: I print on a premium substrate that is unparalleled in depth and luminosity. The material refracts light in such a way that light travels laterally through the paper as well as reflects to the audience creating a brilliant effect that many mistake to be rear illumination. Each print is then face mounted to acrylic and sandwiched to a protective backing. The artwork is then framed or a recessed mount is added to the back to float on the wall. I offer Tabacchino and other handmade framing options. Available starting at 20”x30” and as long as 80” with custom sizes. Below are examples of a 24”x36” in a variety of frames with and without liners. More arrangements are available. Liners are available in Black, White, Beige. See FRAMES in the menu above for more frames and liner options.

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