Nude 4 Left Alone

A Note From The Artist

One night, after pining over the scores of little things that I could or needed to do to this photograph of A@adventuresoflina for my nude collection, I dreamt of a piece of music titled Left Alone. It is, in my opinion, one of the most beautiful pieces of music out there. Archie Shepp 1978. I realized that I think of this photograph like a fluid moment of music. In my mind, this photograph moves with an impossible slowness to an undefinable silence between notes in jazz riff.

Angelina is in the position of fire. She models the pose of power in the fluidity of dance. A flame, alone is a powerful and fragile life force that is on the brink of greatness, and the precipice of darkness; life extinguished. The red is her power extending from heart center and the white is the searing flame.


Nude 1 is available in two sizes: 

48" Edition of 15

72" Edition of 15

Commissions Available


Below are examples of a 45" piece framed. My personal recommendation is the Larson Juhl 227526 with the Clover matting. 

Of course, you can order the piece alone and frame it to your own tastes. I only offer these as suggestions to help you visualize the work. 

Screen Shot 2018-02-25 at 4.19.07 PM.png