Last Light Panoramic

Last Light is a fine art photograph for sale by photographer Jason Matias in Bellevue, Wa. The image was captured on 1-1-2018, New Years Day, on the Oregon Coast. Sunlight blasts through an opening in a cliff side into a unique bowl-like formation. Mist-filled "God-Rays" or Light Curtains cross the scene in a golden yellow shaft of light. Two birds sit on a rock in the ocean on the otherwise of the wall, visible through the large window.

a note from the artist

There are no redos on first impressions, first kisses, or the first light of the new year. There won’t be another chance to make the most of this day. Every year I make documenting the first light of the new year a serous endeavor. Some years it doesn't work out. When I planned this photograph I knew that the tide and the seas had to be just right. The weather had to be perfect and the skies, way off on the distant horizon, had to allow the light through. Many things have to align for the perfect capture. When I watch this curtain of light sweep across the stone for an audience of one I felt as though the entire earth favored for a moment and that was enough. 

Grand - Edition of 12 - 28x84 (2.5m)

Large - Edition of 12 - 24x72 (1.85m)

Standard - Edition of 12 - 20x60 (1.5m) 

About the prints: I print on a premium substrate that is unparalleled in depth and luminosity. The material refracts light in such a way that light travels laterally through the paper as well as reflects to the audience creating a brilliant effect that many mistake to be rear illumination. Each print is then face mounted to acrylic and sandwiched to a protective backing. The artwork is then framed or a recessed mount is added to the back to float on the wall. I offer Tabacchino and other handmade framing options. Available starting at 30”x40" and as long as 120” with custom sizes in between. Below are examples of a 40” edition in a variety of frames with and without liners. More arrangements are available. Liners are available in Black, White, Beige. See FRAMES in the menu above for more frames and liner options.


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