Kata | Phuket, Thailand

A Note from the artist

In everyone's heart there is a clear space that bleeds love and light. If you know now where it lie, seek it in nature.

I hunted for a clear space on the beach perpendicular to the waves, took a knee, waited, and was rewarded with light like I have experienced few times before. When the sets began pounding the shore I knew I had my shot. There aren't many words to describe a phenomenal sunset. When you say you've seen an incredible sight the person with you pictures the sky in their mind's eye creating a vision all their own. For me to say, "this night was phenomenal" to you would do little justice to just how astounded I was that the sky could illuminate with so many colors at once. Phuket blessed us with two such nights. I captured one of them.


Edition of 50

About the prints: I print on a premium substrate that is unparalleled in depth and luminosity. The material refracts light in such a way that light travels laterally through the paper as well as reflects to the audience creating a brilliant effect that many mistake to be rear illumination. Each print is then face mounted to acrylic and sandwiched to a protective backing. The artwork is then framed or a recessed mount is added to the back to float on the wall. I offer Tabacchino and other handmade framing options. Available starting  20”x60” 24”x72” and custom sizes. Below are examples in 4” frames with and without liners. More arrangements are available. Liners are available in Black, White, Beige. See FRAMES in the menu above for more frames and liner options.

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