Clair De Lune


A Note from the artist


I lit her with moon light to match her soul and we spoke on how each line of Verlaine resonated between us. She is a moonlit landscape and a mirror of my own heart. Cool shadows fill quiet places and the lightly lit curves where meadows meet mountains dance in the distance.

Your soul is a delicate landscape

Where roam charming masks and bergamasques

Playing the lute and dancing and seeming almost

Sad under their whimsical disguises.

While singing in a minor key

Of victorious love and easy life

They don't seem to believe in their happiness

And their song mingles with the moonlight,

With the sad and beautiful moonlight,

Which makes the birds in the trees dream

And sob with ecstasy the water streams,

The great slim water streams among the marbles.

Clair de Lune is an edition of 15 available in three sizes: 

Small: 36”x30"

Standard 45”x40"

Grand: 54" x48”



Below are examples of a Clair de Lune in frames. My personal recommendation is the 3" Dresden with no liner. It is an elegant and feminine presentation of the work. 

Of course, you can order the piece alone and frame it to your own tastes. I only offer these as suggestions to help you visualize the work.