WELCOME to the private course for selling art. Above you'll see the general links for my main website galleries. You'll want to use the links below to navigate the courses and education. 

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Course Updates

The site just launched. I'm grateful and honored that you've put your trust in me and my experience to move you and your career further in the right direction. Below are future content drops that will come in addition to all the things I share in our fb group about the day-to-day goings on in the art artworld. Have something specific you want to learn? Send me an email using the form at the bottom of the page or, better yet, drop a Q in the Facebook Group. I will be as available as possible to all the members of The Art Of Selling Art.

  1. Getting into Museums

  2. ✅ How to Build an Artist Website

  3. Business and Growth Mindset Training

  4. Photographing Art for Reproduction

  1. Economics for Artists

  2. ✅Seven Principals of Marketing

  3. Principals and Theory of Sales

  4. Fine tuning your Bio and Artist Statements

  5. Email Marketing 101-301

  6. ✅Complete Guide to Running a Successful Give Away

  7. Complete Guide to Art Fairs II

  8. ✅Facebook & Instagram Paid Marketing


Download the START HERE Guide by clicking here.

Below are the six categories I've divided the class into. There is no specific course structure or order to your learning. Pick a category you're interested and dive into the content. Click on each of the courses brings you to a category in my blog and lists for you all the content therein. Post your questions in the comments and/or bring them to our facebook group: The Art Of Selling Art With Jason Matias. (me! yay!) 


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