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the art of selling art

A masterclass for artists serious about business

TASA is a down and dirty look at everything I do, not only to close the sale but to run an art business like an entrepreneur.  

I am an artist, a photographer, a veteran, and a teacher. This all began when FStoppers wrote an article on me about my career in fine art. Since then I've received so many questions there weren't enough hours in the day to answer them all. First I created a FB Group. That group became this course. 

Conduct business side-by-side with me.

Being an artist, i thought having a great artistic skill is enough for you to sell. Jason’s approach in selling art is focused on the business perspective. From marketing, prospect searching, prospect emailing, etc., he take everything professionally. As an artist, this is new to me. I learned that artists should also be business people. He shares his experience on how to set up art fairs, how to approach people attending art fairs and most importantly doing the follow up. There are many things to learn, things I’m not familiar with and things I’m not used to doing. But Jason discusses it in a way that a non-business person will understand.
— Jared Ezequel

This isn't a traditional class, so much as an ongoing breakdown of how I run my business and approach Marketing, Art Events, The Business of Art, The Administration of Business, and so much more.  

A lot of my own process of discovery has been experiential. Some of it trial and error. But my success draws from other areas of my business education: I've earned a masters in business, MSOL; have attended countless seminars on marketing, money, and sales in industries including lending, real estate, and SEO; and continue to engage in extensive networking. 

All of the content in this course is video-based. You'll learn firsthand how to break down proverbial walls that may be holding you back. You'll get an inside look into how I construct actual walls to showcase your art in the best possible light. You'll glean insights for handling the bumps every artist faces on the journey of selling art. And ultimately, you'll come away with more knowledge, tools, tricks and tips that will help you navigate your own successful journey.

In addition to the video materials, you’ll have access to our private Facebook group where I keep a close eye on the pulse of the community and answer questions on the fly. Group members include other successful artists and soon you will be among them. I also do weekly Q&A recap videos and drunk Q&A (my favorite). Cheers!



~ What You'll learn ~

The Professional artist

*Finding youR voice & creating compelling work

*SetTING up your business with the future in mind

*Staying organized 

*Website building*** 

*Online portfolios


*Case studies



*Guerrilla Marketing

*How to get around gatekeepers & reach tHE right people

*Boots on the ground networking

*Self Promotion

*Creating Value in youR art

*Social Media Marketing

The Business of Art

*Fine Art Printing & Reproductions

*Finding Potential Collectors

*Managing your money

*Business TO Business 

*Using public resources for marketing

*Interior Designers & Architects

*Getting Published

Sell one piece of art with what you learn in The Art of Selling Art And this course pays for itself...with Major dividends 

What people are Saying

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Learning isn't always a linear process. Below are the six categories I've organized for you to explore. These videos are not sequential. Clicking on each of the courses takes you to a category in my blog and lists all the content therein.

Pick a category that interests you and dive in!

What you’re doing here is really amazing.
You’re about to level-up a lot of people’s art game.
— Don Wesley
For me, this group has been a real breath of fresh air with some serious guerrilla marketing that I have not really seen else-where in the “art world.”
— Jason Carroll
I find so much value in focusing on the BUSINESS side of things. Technique is great and very important but it won’t pay the bills.
— Nicole York

I sold $23,000 of art at RAF. It was one of my most successful shows and we captured every bit of what I did to be successful in The Complete Guide To Art Fairs


Here are some recent examples of my insights into the business of art. 

They are a sample of what will be available to you whenever, wherever, every month when you subscribe.



I met Jason at 2017 Redmond Art Festival, and then again in 2018, where we had adjoining booths.  He was very helpful in helping me with heavy lifting. During the Redmond setup he made couple of suggestions like keeping the booth space open, so that people don’t feel closed in, to just put my best pieces out for display, draw a diagram of the booth, so that the setup is easy.  

Further he and Angelina volunteered to help me setup for Bellevue Festival of the arts, at 9:30pm.  Based on his suggestions, I came prepared by drawing a booth setup diagram, I had created professionally printed catalog of my available art, bought a carpet for the booth.  It was my best show in two years of doing art festivals.

-Rina Patel