Email Marketing Part II

So you've sent the marketing email, no what



*Following up on my last video about releasing a new piece of art. 

so... you're not finished with marketing once you've told everyone that your new piece has been created. You have to follow up with those who are interested. You also need to try to connect with those in your mailing list that didn't open the original email. It might be that they're ignoring you, or it might be that the email was lost to the birds, so to speak. 

Here's some tactics and strategies to better connect with your audience.


Setting up my mailing lists and marketing for a new art release


Once you've created your piece of art, you need to tell people about it. 

Like it or not, being a professional artist requires you to learn and execute many professional skills that fall outside the purview of what it means to be a working artist. 

In the first 20 minutes of this video, I discuss MailChimp as that is my email marketing tool. Everything I share will be applicable to whatever email tool that you use. 

Also covered: effective language and content strategy for sharing my new piece of art, Edge of Solace. We discuss my website, and I share the actual email that I send to my mailing list; who I chose to send the email to, and why. We cover a lot of "little things" that go into putting together an effective email. And we touch on Instagram and social media.

The final 10 minutes are about how I assemble my framed and in-home examples. For those interested in learning more about that, feel free to stick around for the last ten minutes.