Finding Your Voice

The most valuable art hack in my tool box.


Finding your voice as an artist is one of the most valuable lessons I've learned over the years. I discovered this lesson unexpectedly in a course by Eric Almas. Since then I've talked about to anyone who would listen and all of my students at Bellevue College. 

Traditionally, it can take years, decades even, to discover who you are. 

That was before the information age. The age of life hacks and the age of working smarter. 

This process is very simple so let me parse onto you another life lesson. This one from Jim Rohn, 

"Well, Mr Rhon. If it's so easy why doesn't everyone do it?" 

"You know what," Rhon said. This is really easy to do. It's easy not to do too."

Doing this exercise requires you to be very intentional about what is about your work from now on. 

Don't take this lesson and file it in your mental archive somewhere. Absorb it and act on it. 

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