SEO Backlinks, Ranking, & Citation Sites


I’m already yawning just thinking about this. It is good stuff though, and you have spare time you can do a lot less effective things for your business.

So, here’s the deal - you can add your website to these citation sites to create profiles for your business. These profiles will include links back to you. The following sites have a lot of “oomph” or weight and legitimacy on google. They will lend some of that weight and legitimacy to your site and help you rank higher. Some of these cost money, others are free.

Also, if you have a physical space- even just a showroom in your home like I do, you want to add yourself to Google Maps and Google My Business

Once you’ve made it through that- you can begin hammering out the following list. You might want a box of tissues because this list will make you cry…

This is a list of sites you can add your website to in order to create backlinks.

I put this together for you because I put it together for myself. So, when you get 1/4 of the way through this and run out of tissues, remember that I have been doing this too and you’re not alone.