Setting up my mailing lists and marketing for a new art release


Once you've created the art, you need to tell people about it. 

Like it or not: being a professional artist requires you to learn and execute many professional skills that fall outside the purview of what it is to do art. 

In this video, I discuss mailchimp as that is my email marketing tool. All of what I discuss here will be applicable to whatever email tool that you use. 

We go over what I feel is effective language and content strategy for sharing my new piece of art, Edge of Solace. We talk about my website. I share the actual email that I send to my mailing list. 

Who I chose to send the email to and why. 

Instagram and social media.

And a ton of "little things" that go into putting together an effective email. 

That's the first 20m. The second 10 minutes is about how I put together my framed and in-home examples. For those of you who want to learn more of that, stick around for the last ten minutes.