Ordering Business Cards & Flyers. Why I've Designed Mine This Way

Business Cards Are Conversation Starters...


They're only useful if you make an impact BEFORE You Hand It Over

Business Cards no longer drive business the way they used to, everybody has them and gives them out and information for your services is available from a dozen different sources. That card a person collected from "that one guy two weeks" ago is no longer that important. I use my business cards as conversation starters and connection creators. Then I get the prospect's information so that I can reach out. That way I ensure I can connect with them in the future. (Get an email provider that provides read receipts so you know they got your message, too) 

You can get your Moo cards with my referal link: https://refer.moo.com/s/jmatiasmatias

I discuss the making and ordering of my business cards and the thought that went into it above. Enjoy this little Moo.com tutorial, too.