Welcome! The Squares are open-edition, 12"x12" pieces of art work that are awesome for small spaces and place where you want variety in color and/or theme. You can expect the same quality print here as you expect (and I demand) from the rest of my work. The Squares are printed on premium photographic substrates, mounted to acrylic, and equipped with a low profile recessed frame on the back to hang where easily and securely. 

There are more than fifty squares to chose from from many environments and locations like Hawaiian waters and Abu Dhabi sands. Order one or many as you like for your space. Mix it up. Send me a photo of your arrangements! Each Square is $150 and you can find the order form at the bottom of this page.

Four Squares prints are mounted on the wall in a luxury, modern home. The theme in these are green.

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Ordering Squares is super easy. 

1. Note which ones you love and want to take home. 

2. Enter the number of Squares you'd like to order in the box to the right.. 

3. You'll be taken to a payment page where you'll list the Squares you loved.

4. That's it! 

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