Ice Cave With A View Poster

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Ice Cave With A View Poster


This launch is the only time a poster of the Ice Cave will be available. EVER

The poster is 30x45 and is beautifully printed with a white background on premium paper.

All the posters will be printed, signed, and shipped after the promotion ends.

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I spent about an hour in the ice cave with my friend and my dog.  At the back of the cave is a waterfall with a skylight that remain among the most surreal experiences of my life.  As I was leaving I saw the sky softening and the pink hues on lips of the clouds.  I made it about as far as the trees before turning back toward the cave. I had that feeling that this was going to be special.  So, I waited and counted, with trepidation, the cave kisses dropping on me and my camera.

Note**  On December 27th, a day after I was here, an avalanche occurred in this cave.

Won Gold in International Pano Awards

Published in National Geographic Online and National Geographic Yourshot

Finalist It's Amazing Out There, The Weather Channel