Suzi Rigby

Life Style Designer.

Suzi ran into Jason on the sidewalk one day and formed a lifelong connection with-in three minutes. "I saw something I wanted, and knew other people would want, so we had coffee and partnership blossomed." -Suzi. 

Suzi has lived and thrived in the design industry for over 50 years. She pioneered micro-fashion, raising an entire industry from infancy. After, she moved to art consulting before returning to a more hands-on approach as a designer and stylist. Suzi is a mentor to many artists, including Jason, and wears several hats at Jason Matias Fine Art including event production, installation planning and execution, client facing interior design consulting, and ideation. 

lina portait.jpg

Angelina Aho

Marketer and Muse.

Angelina and Jason met "accidentally on purpose" on a park bench near the beach.  "We had a meeting scheduled for the following week but ideas and strategies sprouted organically after running into each other near the ferry in Edmonds." -Angelina.

Angelina has a BA in Marketing from University of Washington and had worked on a project basis for Jason for one year before joining the team full time. Angelina is the POC for print, digital, and social media campaigns as well as a stepping in as a stellar saleswoman. She is Jason's muse, fact checker, sometimes model, and publicist. 


Anthony Brooks

Internet Marketing and SEO

I've never actually met Anthony. One day he found himself sitting across the desk from a collector of mine and they were both looking up at Moon Over Mt Baker when Doug, the collector, said, "I know a guy who needs to know you." Ever since then Anthony has been my go-to guy for making my internet presence actually present. He handles my SEO and PR and fields my naive questions with professional ease. We may never share a beer together but under the umbrella of IoT, area codes are small obstacles.